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Saildrive Water Cooling Issues

October 17, 2017

Saildrive Water Cooling Issues


This week we would like to draw your attention to this 34ft sailing boat with a conventional saildrive setup. Our engineer inspected over the engine after the owner reported a white smoke/steam fault when the engine was running for a long period of time. When investigating the raw cooling water was found to only trickle through the sail drive housing.
Saildrive Water Cooling Issues

Once we had lifted the boat ashore we disconnected and removed the saildrive leg and gearbox with the intention to separate the upper and lower leg to inspect and flush through the cooling system. This is where we came across several mussels and growth, this was found to be blocking the flow holes inside the leg unit restricting the flow of the water. Once we had cleared the growth we began rebuilding the leg. It was noticed that one of the fastening threads on the upper casing was damaged and unfortunately not repairable. This resulted in having to replace the upper case unit, strip out the internal gearbox components and rebuild into the new case, shim the gearbox as required, rebuild and fit a new diaphragm unit and finally install the saildrive back into the boat and reconnect it to the engine. Following her launch back into the Lymington river numerous tests and trials were carried out to ensure that everything was running smoothly with a strong flow of water through the saildrive leg. She is now shipshape and moored up in Berthon’s Marina.Saildrive Water Cooling Issues

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