The Further Adventures of GREY WOLF

The Further Adventures of GREY WOLF

Feat. FPB 78#02 GREY WOLF II.

Since FPB 64 GREY WOLF’s 2014 ‘The Long Voyage Home’ – an epic journey from Whangarei in North Island to the Channel Islands via Tahiti, and the Panama and onward across the Atlantic, GREY WOLF continued to cruise extensively.

For The Long Voyage Home owner Peter Watson was ably assisted by his crew of Tony Jones, Jeff Holden and the Berthon apprentice that joined the crew on each leg of the journey – Jack Gunstone-Smith (3rd year Shipwright at the time) in New Zealand, Ben Pearcy (2nd year Marine Electrician at the time) in Tahiti, Nathan Smith (1st year Marine Engineer at the time) in Panama, Dan Pilcher (1st year Marine Electrician at the time) in Bermuda.

A voyage to the Mediterranean was followed by a glorious trip to Norway in 2015 where she and her crew received the accolade of being the FPB that has sailed the furthest North and that record still holds!

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Whilst this was going on, a new larger GREY WOLF was taking shape at Circa Marine in New Zealand and so it was that FPB 78 GREY WOLF II was launched in 2017 for trials and some glorious Pacific cruising…

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So now the time has come for the new GREY WOLF II to follow in her smaller sister’s wake and to continue to cruise far, under the command of her owner Peter Watson.

As before, Peter has generously offered the opportunity for some more Berthon apprentices to join him for ‘The Further Adventures of GREY WOLF’.

Starting in Mangareva, French Polynesia – her first port of call will be Chile, as she makes her way to the cold of the Antarctic.

We invite you to follow these adventures and to join us to see how GREY WOLF and her crew fare exploring this extraordinary part of Planet Earth…

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VIDEO UPDATE (08-03-19) – ————————————————————————- We (the landlubbers at Berthon’s Lymington HQ) introduced you to Marine Electrical apprentice Daniel Savin very briefly in ‘Welcome to the Further Adventures of GREY WOLF’. Before reading on, we thought it best to give you a little insight into this would-be intrepid apprentice adventurer… Daniel began his apprenticeship as a Marine Electrician at Berthon in September 2015, and is currently in the 4th and final year of his… Read More...

Feat. FPB 78#2 GREY WOLF II. You may remember the Long Voyage Home, when FPB 64 GREY WOLF made sail from New Zealand to the Channel Islands, with owner Peter Watson, and a series of Berthon apprentices. It was an extraordinary trip. We are now pleased to announce ‘The Further Adventures of GREY WOLF’… Equipped with a new magic carpet – GREY WOLF II is an FPB 78 built to MCA category 0 – delivered… Read More...