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Adventure and Leisure RIBs

Where is your next Adventure going to take you?

Adventure and Leisure RIBs

Gemini Ribs have been taking adventurers to the remotest and most difficult to reach corners of the globe for years. To do this you need a Military/Commercial grade rib, proven in some of the most testing waters in the world, by an unforgiving clientele.

See Patrol & Protection / Commercial & SAR for client list.

Previous Adventures on Gemini RIBs include:

  • Hunt for the Source of the Nile
  • Circumnavigation of Australia
  • Mosquitos nest to the remotest corners of Africa
  • Surf Sahara
  • Great White Shark Release
  • Whale Watching
  • Space X
  • Epic Adventures – Land & Sea
  • Red Bull
  • Norway Eco Tours
  • America’s Cup

Adventure Sector Clients Operating Gemini RIBs include:

  • Damen – X Bow Super Yacht Tenders
  • America Cup Race Officers
  • Freemantle Yacht Club – Race Support & Chase boat
  • Royal Perth Yacht Club – Race Support & Chase boat
  • Underwater Centre Fremantle – Dive support
  • Frontier Diving – Dive Support
  • Dolphin Dive – Dive Support
  • Adventure Tours South Australia – Adventure Tourism
  • Endless List of Private Clients!

Adventure & Leisure Sector – Key Technical Benefits

Quality – Constructed from advanced composite materials; providing an exceptionally strong structure, and a damage and corrosion resistant craft.

Commercial Grade – Heavy Duty Hypalon 1670 DTEX Sponsons with the Option for Double Skinning and extra armouring for additional strength and protection.

Interoperability – Available with single or multipoint lifts designed for safe launch and recovery.

Proven – A hull design for superior seakeeping, payload carrying and reduced hull slamming supported by advanced shock mitigation seating ensures personnel remain fully capable throughout mission.

Reliable – Single/Twin outboard or inboards engine options delivers improved reliability, superior shallow water capability (o/b) and exceptional manoeuvrability and control at low and high speed.

Custom – Flexible platform design which can be adapted in differing configuration, as well as incorporating a bespoke fit out and equipment fit.

Compliance – Built to international recognised standard, and can be easily equipped and coded to meet local authority regulatory compliance.

Recreational use

If you enjoy spending time on the water with family members or friends, a custom Gemini RIB boat is something you’ll enjoy for years to come. Our RIB boats are durable, easy to maintain and a pleasure to operate. When you’re ordering one of our custom rigid inflatable boats, you get to choose how many seats it will have. You’ll also decide whether you want a cabin, overhead protection from the sun and elements or nothing at all, we also offer a range of engine sizes and models. There are plenty of other options available for you to truly make your custom RIB boat a reflection of your personal style and preferences.

Adventure RIBs

Leisure RIBs

Gemini Waverider 505 AL

With thirty years of experience in designing engineering and building Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, Gemini has become a byword for dependability and capability. Being the builder of choice for international commercial operators, Special Forces, Police and rescue institutions worldwide; these boats have been tested to the limit. If you value professional-level fit-out and performance, the 505 will deliver.

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Gemini Waverider 550 AL

These mid-sized models in the Gemini range of RIBS are not only used commercially, but also for rescue & military operations internationally, with the majority of the National Sea Rescue institute’s fleet is made up of GEMINI WR 550’s. If you value professional-level fit-out and performance, the 550 will deliver.

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Gemini Waverider 650 AL

The Gemini 650 is a new addition to the Waverider leisure range and has quickly risen to a best seller. Its sleek lines and ultra-modern hull design ensures a dry ride for crew and passengers and with hull and deck being constructed to the same specifications as the commercial W650 version which is in use with South Africa's National Sea Rescue Institute, safety and durability can be assured. 

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Gemini Waverider 780 AL

A high performance RIB for the professional adventurer the Gemini WR780 had been designed and manufactured to provide exceptional seakeeping even in the toughest conditions. A range of engine combinations and various upgrades give the client endless opportunities to tailer their boat to meet the challenges of their next adventure.

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Gemini Waverider 880 AL

Gemini Waverider 880 AL

The stylish WR880 is another new comer to the Gemini Waverider leisure range, this off shore RIB has been constructed without compromise to meet the high demands of the commercial world.

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Gemini Waverider 1060 AL

The GEMINI WR 1060 is the latest edition and currently the largest in the Waverider Series of RIBs. This go anywhere RIB is the ultimate adventure boat for the serious high end recreational thrill seeker. The extra on-board space, exceptional sea-keeping and its long range abilities makes it the ideal boat for the extreme off shore experience.

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Contact Details

Ben Bradley-Watson
Tel: 01590647416