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Ex-demonstration Gemini RIBs

These boats have been used for demonstration purposes or at local boat-shows and are available at a discount on the list price.

Any boat purchased from this list will be valeted and will have undergone a rigorous quality check by qualified Berthon Rib Solutions’ marine engineers.

If you enjoy spending time on the water with family members and friends or taking adventurers to the remotest and most difficult to reach corners of the globe, a custom ex-demonstration Gemini RIB boat is something you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Quality – Constructed from advanced composite materials; providing an exceptionally strong structure, and a damage and corrosion resistant craft.

Commercial Grade – Heavy Duty Hypalon 1670 DTEX Sponsons

Proven – A hull design for superior seakeeping, payload carrying and reduced hull slamming ensures personnel remain fully capable and comfortable throughout the day.

Reliable – Single/Twin outboard or inboards engines deliver improved reliability, superior shallow water capability (o/b) and exceptional manoeuvrability and control at low and high speed.

Compliance – Built to international recognised standard, and can be easily equipped and coded to meet local authority regulatory compliance. 

Gemini Waverider 780 – Ex-demonstration

A high performance RIB for the professional adventurer, this GEMINI WAVERIDER WR780 has been designed and manufactured to provide incomparable seakeeping through the toughest of conditions.  Constructed to provide guaranteed strength through the roughest seas and most challenging environments, this WR780 is designed for endurance.

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Contact Details

Ben Bradley-Watson
Tel: 01590647416

Gemini Marine

Established in 1979 Gemini Marine has designed and manufactured the most comprehensive range of cabin and open RIBs for many of the world’s Military, Rescue and Commercial entities for over 30 years – as well as the Leisure and Adventure sectors.

Gemini Technical Information

Since 1983, Gemini has been designing and building RIBs to take on challenging and responsible roles in some of the harshest environments in the world for many of the world’s Military, Rescue and Commercial entities.

But why have so many chosen a Gemini?