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Technical Information

Gemini RIBs Technical Information

Why a Gemini?

Since 1983 Gemini has been designing and building ribs to undertake challenging roles in some of the harshest environments in the world. But why have many chosen a Gemini?

  • Hull Quality – Constructed from advanced composite materials; providing an exceptionally strong structure, and a damage and corrosion resistant craft.
  • Superior Seakeeping – Gemini’s hulls offers outstanding seakeeping, improved stability, and increased payload carrying capability, as well as being forgiving to operate.
  • Compliance – Built to internationally recognised standards, and can be easily equipped and coded to meet local authority regulatory compliance.
  • Heavy Grade Sponson – Gemini Sponsons are made of Heavy Duty Hypalon with the Option for Double Skinning and extra armouring for additional strength and protection.
  • Shock Mitigation – Gemini’s hull designs offer superior seakeeping, payload carrying and reduced hull slamming supported by advanced shock mitigation seating ensures personnel remain fully capable throughout a mission.
  • Reliable – Gemini at also be offered with twin outboard or inboards engine options (model dependent) delivering improved reliability, superior shallow water capability (o/b) and exceptional manoeuvrability and control at low and high speed.
  • Mission Specific/Custom Fit Out – The Gemini Hull form offer flexible platform design which can be adapted for differing configuration, bespoke fit out and equipment fit.
  • Proven: Gemini boats are known for strength and rugged build. Since 1983, and 10’s of thousands of boats later, in operation in some of the harshest environments with some unforgiving clients, Gemini RIBs have proven that they live up to the original design philosophy of being stronger than they need to be.
  • Ease of maintenance: The Geminis are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The tough GRP and Hypalon components are very rugged and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Self-Righting – Gemini is one of the few ribs that are designed to incorporate a self-righting system
  • Interoperability – Geminis have also been designed for single or multipoint lifting designed for safe launch and recovery from another vessel

Contact Details

Ben Bradley-Watson
Tel: 01590647416