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Boat Specification

The GEMINI WR 1060 is the latest edition and currently the largest in the Waverider Series of RIBs. This go anywhere RIB is the ultimate adventure boat for the serious high end recreational thrill seeker. The extra on-board space, exceptional sea-keeping and its long range abilities makes it the ideal boat for the extreme off shore experience.

Designed and constructed with purpose and style the WR 1060’s large deck space can be fitted out tot customers’ requirements with a range of consoles, seats, T-tops, decking, tables rod holders and many other optional extras.

Rated for over 600 HP the WR 1060 will not disappoint on performance and handling, and like its younger brother the WR 880, the stepped – volume mono hull ensures a dry and comfortable experience for crew and passengers alike.

Evolved from the rugged commercial version where the WR 1060 is commonly referred to as “the beast” the leisure WR1060 inherits the same high quality exceptionally strong structure built to the same International standards as the commercial version.

This versatile and extremely powerful hull builds on the spirit of the ‘go-anywhere’ Waverider 730 & 850, designed and built to thrive in the harshest conditions.

The large deck space, sea-keeping and long range capability makes this GEMINI ideal for configuring and equipping your Gemini for everything from Adventuring or cruising with the family, to acting as tender to a superyacht to supporting a regatta.

The WR 1060 comes with a large choice of engines, consoles, seating and on-board equipment and is also available with Cabin or T-top to protection crew and passengers from the elements.


  • Hull Quality
    Constructed from advanced composite materials; providing an exceptionally strong structure, and a damage and corrosion resistant craft.
  • Superior Seakeeping
    Gemini’s stepped volume hull offers outstanding seakeeping, improved stability, and increased payload carrying capability, as well as being forgiving to operate.
  • High Grade Sponsons
    Heavy Duty Hypalon 1670 DTEX Sponsons with the Option for Double Skinning and extra armouring for additional strength and protection.
  • Interoperability
    Available with single or multipoint lifts designed for safe launch and recovery.
  • Proven
    A hull design for superior seakeeping, payload carrying and reduced hull slamming supported by advanced shock mitigation seating ensures personnel remain fully capable throughout mission.
  • Reliable
    Twin outboard or inboard engine options delivers improved reliability, superior shallow water capability (o/b) and exceptional maneuverability and control at low and high speed.
  • Mission Specific
    Flexible platform design which can be adapted differing configuration, bespoke fit out and equipment fit.
  • Self-Righting
    Designed to incorporate self-righting system
  • Compliance
    Built to international recognised standard, and can be easily equipped and coded to meet local authority regulatory compliance.
  • Transportability
    The WR1060 is transportable by road on a flat bed truck, or bespoke road trailer. The WR 1060 is also one of the few ribs that can fit in an ISO container for secure and cost effective international shipping, and can be made compatible for air transport.

Standard Equipment

  • Hypalon sponsons (Commercial Grade 1670Dtex)
  • 2 x Heavy duty shark fin rubbing strakes
  • Full length grab line
  • 7 x Inflation Valves
  • 7 x Over pressure release valves
  • Internally taped seams
  • 2 x Paddles
  • 2 x Stainless steel bow eyes
  • Anchor rope bow protection
  • Anchor locker
  • Aluminium keel protection
  • 3 x Transom knees
  • Engine motor well
  • Under deck cable track
  • 2 x Below deck fuel lockers
  • 2 x Towing points
  • Self-draining deck
  • Non-slip deck
  • 1 x Double action pump
  • 1 x Repair kit

Optional Equipment

Deck Equipment

  • Choice of Consoles Configurations
  • Choice of Jockey or Shock Mitigation Suspension seats
  • Lifting eyes & Lifting Strops
  • Extra fuel tanks (up to 1080 l.)
  • Foam filled hull
  • M8 deck utility bolt system
  • Deck track system
  • Strengthened deck for high load areas and mounts
  • T-top
  • Single Post Quick Release Hook for Davit system (integrated in console)
  • Towing bollard

A Frame Options

  • Choice of A-frame Configuration & Material
  • Engine protection bar on A-frame
  • Self-Righting system on A-frame


  • Additional fenders on sponsons (1 or 2 extra)
  • Colour strip between bumpers
  • Additional rubbing strips on the front for bow protection
  • Anti-slip surfaces on sponson
  • Slide-on sponson

Navigation & Communication System Options

  • VHF Radio (Fixed & Handheld)
  • GPS Chartplotter
  • Radar
  • AIS
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Depth sounder
  • Intercom
  • Entertainment system
  • Night Vision Equipment
  • Bespoke system integration and system fit available on request

Specialist Equipment Fit

Specialist and client supplied equipment fit and integration is available on request at Berthon Boat Company.


There are a number of differing configurations available, and general arrangement drawings are available on request. In addition custom configurations are available according to weight and balance.

Performance Data

Approximate performance data with differing engine horse powers and configurations are available on request.


Consumable and Contingency spares packages are available on request


The following training courses are available:

  • Operator Training
  • Mechanic training
  • Specialist Equipment Training
  • Specialist Role Training

RIB Dimensions

  1. LOA: 10.6 m
  2. Internal Length: 7.4 m
  3. Beam Overall: 3.25 m
  4. Internal Beam Overall: 1.95 m
  5. Weight (hull, deck & tubes): 1350 kg
  6. Recommended Max Pax: 18
  7. Max Load: 2429 kg

Engine Options

  • Petrol Outboards: Mercury, Mariner, Suzuki, Evinrude, Yamaha.
  • Diesel Outboards: Cox Powertrain
  • Diesel Inboard: Available on Request
Additional power available subject To manoeuvring & speed testing
  1. ISO Recommended HP: 500 hp
  2. ISO Max HP: 640 hp
  3. ISO Max Engine Weight: 725 kg
  4. Max Fuel Capacity: 1080L
  5. Transom Height (single): 30"
  6. Transom Height (double): 25"

Tubes, Hull & Deck

  1. Tube Diameter: 600mm
  2. Tube Volume: 7.225m3
  3. Inflation Pressure: 0.25 bar
  4. Tube Compartments: 7
  5. Hull Deadrise: 20°
  6. Max Displacement: 4932 kg

Contact Details

Ben Bradley-Watson, Commercial & Defence Business Development Manager 2, Berthon Brokerage

Ben Bradley-Watson
Berthon Shipyard
Tel: 01590647416

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