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Navionics Electronic Marine Charts


Berthon can provide a full range of marine electronic services, including the latest from Navionics.

We are able to advise and organise sales, installation and service support for a variety of marine electronic products, for each individual client.

Please contact our electronics expert Jim Catterall for enquiries, via the details below.

Navionics Marine Charts are some of the most well recognised charts in maritime.  Navionics+ provides complete inshore to offshore marine content, including rivers, bays, and more than 39,550 lakes around the world.

Advanced features now available on Platinum+
– Dock-to-dock Autourouting – start your trip with a suggested route
– SonarChart™ Live – create your own maps
– Advanced Map Options – customize your view
– Plotter Sync – plan on mobile, go on plotter!

Additional viewing options
– Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading – for an enhanced awareness above and below the water. 
– 3D View – to highlight key features
– Panoramic Photos – to get a better sense of your surroundings.Navionics perspective screens

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