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The FPB Programme is expecting…

The FPB Programme is Expecting

We are pleased to announce that a new baby sister is on the way. This FPB’s genetic makeup includes many of the capabilities and breakthrough characteristics of her larger FPB 97 and 78 siblings, with doses of the best features from the FPB 83 and 64s.

A stunning interior, twin engines, a lovely workshop, a unique take on the Matrix deck, a basement with almost full headroom that invites walk-in closets and a large office, along with 265 nautical mile per day ocean crossing speed, with the tankage to do this for 5,000+ nautical miles, are a few of the unique features that are offered on the all new FPB 70.

FPB 70 #1 is already sold, and we begin construction in early March at Circa Marine in New Zealand.

In addition to FPB 70 #1, we currently have 4 FPBs under construction: An FPB 64, and 3 x FPB 78s. FPB 78 #1 will launch in the late Spring with FPB 64 #11 a few months later.  FPB 78-2 splashes the end of 2016, with FPB 78-3 launching in 2017.

The FPB 70 is an exciting development for the Programme and we are already in discussion with clients about the build of other hulls.

For further information contact Sue Grant at Berthon or visit

Notes to editors:

Berthon market the FPB Programme worldwide and have offices in the UK, France, Scandinavia, Spain and the USA. Contact them for high resolution imagery of the FPB 70 and also for further information about this yacht and other FPBs in the range.

Sue Grant – email: – Tel no: 01590 679222

Steve and Linda Dashew of Dashew Offshore are responsible for the FPB Programme and these extraordinary yachts are built as a result of their vast and unique experience of blue water sailing.  Please visit for further information.

Circa Marine are the home of FPB and are situated in Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand and build the FPB range.  So far there are 10 FPB 64s, an FPB 83 and an FPB 97 cruising the world’s oceans, with 5 more FPBs in production.

Circa Marine – Email:

FPB Family: Pam Wall heads up the support programme for the FPB family. As a circumnavigator and outfitting expert, she is on hand to assist owners with the preparation of, and ongoing smooth running of, their FPBs during their cruising programmes.

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Tel: +44(0)1590 679222