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Teak Care

After a long winter ashore you will be looking to give your yacht some well-deserved TLC and a good spring clean to ready her for the sailing season. One area that the Boat Care Department tend to focus in on more during spring is teak care and teak cleaning.

Teak Care by the Berthon Boat Care Team

Teak always sets a yacht off regardless how much or little you have, but only when it is clean, at Berthon we recommend using an anti-fungicide treatment at least once a year, this will inhibit the growth of fungus and increase the life of your teak, also it will improve the appearance. The Berthon Boat Care team undertake teak treatments for decks all year round, it really transforms dull decks and will help reduce the build-up of grim over the season.

To discuss having your teak deck treated by the Berthon Boat Care team please contact Matthew Hart – 01590 647440

Before and After Teak Treatments

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