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Winter Yacht Refit

Berthon Big Blue Shed for Yacht Maintenance and Refit

What better time to complete a refit on your yacht than during the winter months, your yacht would generally be ashore and being little used, so making the most of this “downtime” and let Berthon complete that refit so she is ready for the Spring and start of the season.

This is a good time to consider any major refit and repair tasks such as paint jobs to hull, superstructure, and mast. Engine/generator replacement, new teak deck, replacing black and grey water pipework to keep it sweet smelling. Change those tatty taps and fittings, replace tired looking mirrors. Interior remodelling with extra berths or improved seating, new upholstery. Rig overhaul – NDT testing, Service work, running/standing rigging. Electronics upgrades.

Berthon regularly complete refits on all types, shapes and sizes of yachts, whether you are looking at fitting out your yacht for long distance bluewater cruising, remodelling the interior to better fit your needs, or updating any of the electrical or mechanical equipment onboard, this can all be done in our purpose built state of the art shipyard in Lymington.

We have over 100 skilled people in our workforce and dedicated Refit Project Managers that will organise all work to your requirements for both motor and sailing yachts. Larger refits, fits out and boat construction are managed by a separate team of experienced marine project managers.

Our refit managers work with clients to understand what the future plans of the yacht are, if they are planning on bluewater cruising, hopping back and fore to the channel islands, or just pottering up and down the Solent, as this will have an considerable influence on the plan for the refit.

In 2014 we completed over 30 refits on sailing and motoryachts, one project included a full refit for a 48 feet bluewater cruising yacht that competed in the ARC+ winning both legs in class B. Our project manager worked closely with the new owners to clearly understand what the yacht would be used for and build an action plan to this. For this project a complete mechanical, electrical and plumbing service was completed, resulting in a new generator, black/grey water tanks replaced, a new water maker and improvements made to the steering system.

These are some of the Yacht Refits that we have completed at Berthon

Grand Banks 42 Refit at BerthonROWENA – Grand Banks 42
Berthon completed a major refit on this 1968 wooden motor yacht, including topsides, transom, new bulwarks, new teak deck and new flybridge superstructure, painting and finishing. Each time a section was removed for restoration, it became apparent that further work would be needed to remove the rotten and unserviceable sections of hull and superstructure.

Mitten Refit
MITTEN – 8 Ton Gauntlet
Originally built in 1937 by Berthon’s shipyard in Lymington, MITTEN the 33′ Gauntlet came to us for an interesting refit. Top of the list was restoration to her original colour scheme including full UV protection, along with a full makeover and subtle upgrades to the deck gear. Subtle because she can benefit from some modern systems, yet at the same time maintaining her overall look and feel from the late 1930s.

Mariflex Challenge RefitMARIFLEX CHALLENGE – Global Challenge Yacht
A full refit to fit the new owners requirements as a private yacht, corporate charter and sail training vessel, including a full re-spray of topsides, superstructure, mast and spars, all new interior layout to provide more luxury that the racing pipe cots and a full new teek deck(teek, not teak) to finish off the job and make her look like a brand new yacht and ready for her new life as a privately owned yacht.

Fisher 46 Lucky SarahLUCKY SARAH – Fisher 46
After an extensive refit at Berthon this is probably the best Fisher 46 on the planet, its probably easier to list what wasn’t done in this yacht refit and as the owners have said “she is a new yacht in the original hull”. This blog post takes you through the complete refit top to bottom.

Truant of SarkTRUANT OF SARK – Nordia 55
Having completed a round-the-world cruise, Truant emerged from her mothballed state in for recommissioning work: forward cabin alterations, corrosion control and a complete respray to complement a marine electronics package upgrade.

JewelJEWEL – Mainsail 618
Currently on brokerage with Berthon International, JEWEL had a new decked fitted this winter as well as a full mast out inspection and service by the Berthon Rigging team, as well as a few other improvements and emerged from the Big Blue Sheds at Berthon looking better than ever.

Heather refitHEATHER – 12 Ton Gauntlet
HEATHER needed a bit of tender loving care following a survey, and with the new owner wanting to retain as much of the original yacht as possible, Heather returned to Berthon where she was built in 1935. Heather had extensive repairs to be made to her hood ends, a new rudder blade, teak deck repairs and new fresh water and blackwater tanks and some internal updates. She is now happily sailing from her new home in Northern Sicily.

MY Bounty Refit at BerthonBOUNTY – Motor Yacht Refit
M.Y. BOUNTY, a TSDY (Twin Screw Diesel Yacht) built by Camper & Nicholson in 1936, came to Berthon to have a large refit that included strippingher from stem to stern, individually replacing or repairing every steel frame one-by-one in order to safeguard the teak planking, over 90% of which remains original.

For more information on Yacht Refits please contact our dedicated Refit Team. Also we have articles in our monthly blog – Berthon Yacht Refit Blogs
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