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The American novelist Sinclair Lewis is quoted saying

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation”

This is especially true in our busy shipyard, where during the winter months Berthon is never quiet. It might be the off season for sailors, but that means it one of the busier times for our workforce, as yachts are brought ashore for the winter it gives our fully trained staff of shipwrights, electricians and engineers the time to complete larger projects on your yacht, that could be a complete yacht refit so your yacht is ready for your next adventure, giving your pride and joy a lick of paint in our state of the art yacht painting facility, having a comprehensive mast and rigging service or just coming ashore for a winter layup (you should really see what we do as part of our winter layup and decommissioning when you come ashore at Berthon).

Winter at Berthon

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