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Marine Entertainment Systems

Onboard Entertainment

Berthon can source, supply and fit the latest in onboard entertainment systems including flat screen HD televisions, stereos and satellite televisions. We can ensure devices are connected to smartphones and tablets, delivering seamless systems control as well as dinner party talking points!

It is possible to have the use of a smart TV onboard your yacht by using an inverter. However, we find most sailing yacht owners are prepared to sacrifice the additional functions of a smart TV for the low power consumption of a 12V TV. Despite the decrease in viewing quality, these are still perfectly capable of connecting an HDMI cable, playing DVDs and watching TV when in range of land.

For those with boats big enough to take the hardware, satellite TV antennas allow owners to watch satellite TV via free view boxes such as the Humax, regardless of digital TV reception coverage. Whilst satellite TV antenna hardware has changed very little recently, companies such as KVH have brought out apps for phones and tablets which make updating and maintaining the units much simpler.

The biggest shift for entertainment in recent times has been in the area of stereo systems. Fusions emergence onto the market has resulted in rapid development and integration of marine electronics, allowing you to control your music from your chart plotter. Following their dominance of the market in recent years and buy out by Garmin, this has spurred the other electronics brands to enter the market proved by Raymarine’s agreement with Rockford.

One of the best features is being able to control the volume and type of music in multiple zones, for example, playing different music in the saloon and the cockpit; meaning that the navigator doesn’t get deafened at sea and your neighbours in the marina don’t get too agitated when you’re playing your favourite tunes below deck.

Bespoke casing for a marine entertainment system

Part of our recent AGLAIA, Bluewater cruiser refit involved partnering with some of the coolest brands in media entertainment systems such as Cornflake of London, who provided a bespoke sound system, mirroring the owner’s home set up. New hardware included Sonos speakers that were fitted seamlessly into the headlining and cabinets and Apple iPhone and iPad docking stations all making stowage of technology safe at sea, simple and stylish.

Berthon also completely modernised the interior, incorporating technologies that have become ubiquitous in modern life, including rewiring of the yacht to accommodate a new Cisco wireless network systems for 4G connectivity throughout.