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Navigation Equipment

Navigational equipment on console

Equipment Installation

Berthon are service dealers for all the main brands in marine electronics providing repairs, warranty service and new installations for brands such as Raymarine, Garmin B&G and Simrad. These products are commonly used for cruising, racing and ocean exploration.

Chart plotters

Chart plotters have come a long way in the past few years. As technology such as smartphones and tablets has improved, there has been a trickle-down effect in the world of marine electronics, where there
has been a push to integrate features with modern technology making it more accessible and easier to use. New features are being brought in such as adding lay lines. They also feature WiFi connectivity allowing data to be viewed on mobile devices and allowing a connection to the internet that enables the simple updating of software. Other advances include the ability to download GRIB files and overlay them onto the plotter, allowing you to observe advanced wind forecasts across your whole sailing area.

Navigation displays


These are exciting times for Radar technology! We have recently seen the release of an array (no pun intended) of new solid state radars which have brought down both the weight and power consumption of the sets whilst improving the clarity of the picture. B&G and Raymarine both offer 18” solid state radars and both Garmin and Furuno have trail blazed Doppler technology, which distinguishes moving boats from stationary boats. It’s only a matter of time before these brands align to make a truly exceptional product.

Raymarine radar display

Auto pilot

The age of the flux gate compass is coming to an end and multi-axis heading sensors have arrived. All of the leading brands are offering a heading sensor which not only provides heading information but also pitch, roll and yaw, storing this data and allowing the auto-pilot to learn how these characteristics affect the rudder. This allows the auto-pilot to react much quicker to the effects of wind and waves on the boat and make rudder adjustments before the heading changes; much as a helmsman would in a following sea.

Marine autopilot equipment


The past few years have seen a lot of business activity in the instruments market with Raymarine acquiring Tacktick and Garmin acquiring Nexus, two of the big companies now have wireless instrument technology in their product portfolios whilst B & G arguably lead the way in race technologies. Not to mention the launch of A & T instruments in Lymington this year, focussing at the top end of the market.

Installed marine navigation equipment