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Vessel System Management

Marine management system wiring

Integrated systems covers everything from the monitoring of batteries, fuel tanks, power, charging and inverting to security cameras, docking cameras and night vision (NV) cameras. Effective management of a yacht’s systems can lead to more efficient use of the yacht both when it’s being used and when it’s idle.

Vessel monitoring has always been an important part of sailing. There’s nothing worse than running out of water when you’re desperate for a cup of tea or overfilling the diesel tank and getting a nasty surprise. Although analogue gauges still provide a reliable option, the digital alternatives allow for highly integrated systems that enable you to monitor levels from multiple stations.

The new phenomenon of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is moving from the home to the boat providing an ever-increasing number of options for both systems integration and remote systems monitoring. On a basic level, some of our marina berth holders now have a three pin AC plug equipped with a data SIM card which is programmed to send them a text message when the shore power is disconnected or connected. Whilst our Dockmasters do check the marina breakers for any faults, this additional check alerts when there is a problem with the boat’s AC electrical circuit, allowing a rapid response from the electricians and potentially saving the cost of a new set of batteries or at the very least getting the heaters and de-humidifier back on line. Looking at more complex advancements, it is now possible to view engine and tank data on your chart plotter whilst controlling your stereo and lights from the same screen. The ease of integration depends on the systems currently on board and each boat tends to be unique. For more information contact our Electronics Manager Jim Catterall