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Novurania 4.3M – Velsheda JK7 RIB Refit

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB Refit

Berthon offers quick turnaround times for superyacht tender refit projects

We received the superyacht Velsheda’s Novurania 4.3m RIB, branded JK7 after Velsheda’s famous J-Class sail number, within 24 hours of the container arriving in the UK. The RIB was showing obvious signs of wear and tear to the exterior. Berthon’s in-house team of skilled employees immediately went to work, performing a complete set of repairs and refurbishments.

Berthon’s Refit Manager, Ross Monson, summarises Velsheda’s RIB refit

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB modified and refurbished helm

refurbished and modified Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB

Full Console Rewire

Over the years minor repairs had been performed that left the interior wiring in a mess; Berthon simplified the wiring, attending to minor faults and left permanent labels in place so that future repairs will be simple to perform.

New Yamaha Throttle

Part of the instructions from the Captain and Engineer included the need to investigate throttle problems. Berthon diagnosis was that the gears had excessive wear and other components were not functioning correctly; for example, the in-gear anti-start mechanism was temperamental causing problems when starting the boat.

Costing repairs to the throttle system proved that replacement was more cost-effective and so a new modern 2016 Yamaha compatible unit was installed.

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB original throttle Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB new throttle

Tube Repairs

A simple inspection showed that both the port and starboard chambers were compromised with a rip down both sides. We also had to perform tube repairs to both the aft sponsons under the tube and the rubbing strake. Once tube repairs were complete it was given a full solvent wash making it look as good as new.

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB damaged tubes

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB damaged tubes

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB repaired tubes

Gelcoat Repairs

Where the RIB had been repeatedly beached the gelcoat was understandably worn & damaged; these areas were carefully ground back, matched-colour gelcoat applied & sanded. Because UV and pollution had taken its toll elsewhere, all the gel coat both above and below the waterline was then cut and polished to create a uniform original colour with repairs imperceptible.

New Planing Fins

The fins had also suffered from general daily use with UV damage on the plastic with cracking and wear evident. These were replaced.

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB New Planing Fins

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB New Planing Fins

New Upholstery & Customisation

Berthon understand the superyacht market and the milieu in which superyacht tenders operate. Our ability to customise everything, from monogrammed bespoke embroidery that we inlay on tender seats and reprint on tubes (see JK-7 logos), to Captains’ & Owners’ requests for stowage to 4G wireless linked sound systems on any size tender knows no bounds.

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB New Upholstery & Customisation

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB customised tubes

Bow Seat & Anchor Locker Repairs

The join between the bow seat and the hull had cracked. This was ground out & laminated to help strengthen the structure, before matched colour gelcoat was applied, sanded and polished for an invisible repair. The interior of the anchor locker was painted.

Hull Void Inspection Hatches Added

The crew were aware that water was penetrating the hull, probably via the cracked seat, and requested two inspection hatches that allows swabbing the little amount of water that would be left after the new automatic bilge pump we installed had operated.

Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB Hull Void Inspection Hatches and new bilge pump

For more information on the Velsheda J K-7 Project, download the case study below or contact Berthon to discuss your requirements or email


Novurania 4.3M - Velsheda JK7 RIB Refit Case Study Download