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Pascoe 6m Superyacht Tender Refit and Refurbishment


Berthon offers quick turnaround times for tender refit projects

Berthon supports the superyacht sector by repairing, refitting and maintaining superyacht tenders. Tenders are essential for the effective management of a superyacht. The tender is often the first experience of the superyacht that the owner and guests see, so must look pristine and work perfectly. Mechanical and electrical defects and a tired cosmetic appearance do not present a good first impression.

Berthon stripped out, refitted and refurbished a 6m Pascoe tender for luxury superyacht MY RAHAL. The tender was transported from Pascoe to our facilities in Lymington where it was worked on intensively by the tender project team, who then returned it to the superyacht in pristine condition.

Refit work completed

  • Complete Repaint
  • Gelcoat Repairs
  • Hull Composite Repair
  • Tube Replacement
  • Teak Deck Refurb
  • Deck Fittings Customised and Serviced

“Our tender arrived yesterday and she is safely sitting onboard. I would like to thank you on behalf of my colleagues and MY RAHAL for the work Berthon has done on our tender. You have done a great job on the hull paintwork and sponson tube”.

Jean du Preez, 2nd Officer, MY RAHAL


The 46m superyacht Rahal uses a Pascoe 6m RIB to transport VIPs to and from the yacht. The RIB gets plenty of additional use for water sports and other marine activities. Features of the RIB include a super-light carbon fibre vacuum-moulded hull and deck structure, a clear-coated carbon finish on the console and personalised outboard cover, a custom sound system, fly-by-wire controls, tender tracking, embroidered upholstery, a folding bow canopy and Dyneema self-stowing lifting strops.

The tender arrived at Berthon for a full refurbishment and refit. Initial work included removal of the engine, the inflatable tube, and all of the deck fittings in order to assess the condition of the hull skin and composite structure.

Work carried out by Berthon

A full survey of the carbon fibre hull and deck structure revealed a number of areas of impact damage. Access was gained by the removal of major structures and the damaged areas were ground out. A mould was set up and plies of carbon-fibre reinforcement were vacuum-formed with a high-performance epoxy laminating resin. With repairs complete and post-cured to achieve the desired mechanical properties, the external surfaces were finished with a tie coat and polyester gel coat to match the surrounding gel coat finish. On completion, the repair was undetectable and this additional work was completed within the original project timescale.


Pascoe 6m Refit - Berthon


Fabrication of fixtures and fittings

It is common to find that the sections of steering hose (which are exposed to sunlight) suffer from deterioration from ultraviolet radiation and wear and tear with repeated flexing every time the steering is used, or motor tilted. Berthon engineers manufactured specialist stainless steel bulkhead fittings for the transom, to separate the external hose from the internal hose which is hidden in a duct. A complete boat set of replacement steering hoses were manufactured and installed. This modification will, in future, enable simple replacement of the external outboard hoses when required. All the fixtures and fittings were removed from the deck and polished, with worn or damaged parts being replaced.


Pascoe 6m Refit - Berthon

Teak deck

The teak deck was heavily weathered and discoloured. The teak was rejuvenated by careful sanding to return it to its original colour and the seams with damaged caulking were re-payed. With such a lightweight minimal thickness deck covering, this operation had to be undertaken with the utmost care, otherwise the life expectancy of the deck would be seriously reduced. The decks, cockpit and superstructure were rubbed down, and minor repairs were filled and faired. Following application of an epoxy primer, multiple coats of Awlgrip topcoat were applied to provide a high gloss superyacht finish with good depth of colour.

Pascoe 6m Refit - Berthon

Pascoe 6m Refit - Berthon

Inflatable tubes

Over the years the inflatable tube had suffered from ultraviolet degradation and abrasion damage in high-wear areas. The client had requested a number of functional improvements to the tube design, so alongside an update of the cosmetic design, a completely new replacement tube was manufactured and fitted immediately after painting.

Pascoe 6m Refit - Berthon


Superyacht Tender Support – Berthon’s Project Management Process

Berthon’s project management processes help mitigate time and cost risks of refit work. A detailed project plan is prepared at the outset for every refit. A weekly cost report is then sent by email. This ensures that the client has full confidence in both the project’s timescale and budget. Problems are met head-on by Berthon project managers who are pro-active in, and experienced at, communicating solutions to their clients. This RIB refit project, which was initially scheduled over 56 days, was completed earlier than planned, and the RIB returned to the superyacht in pristine condition. Berthon worked directly for the client, partnered with Pascoe throughout, to ensure that every detail of the vessel’s construction was understood prior to the commencement of work.

“Berthon are detailed in their approach and have the experience and skills to be able to deal with complex materials like carbon fibre. The demands placed on Rahal’s 6m RIB meant that it was in need of a full strip down and refurbishment. Berthon can complete everything, including part modifications, on-site. This speeds up the refit process and ensures quality”

Richard Watson, CEO of Pascoe