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Berthon Winter Collection

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The Berthon International Winter Collection 2017/2018

Welcome to Berthon’s latest Winter Collection 2017/2018, showcasing a selection of noteworthy sail, power and performance yachts that we are currently offering for sale. These are grouped into categories designed to help steer your yacht-owning ambitions.

With the inevitable short days and gloom of Blighty’s bleak midwinter, we hope that this will encourage you to explore the possibilities our Winter Collection fleet has to offer, for exceptional sailing and adventures afloat. We have made every effort to provide the information you need to appreciate the essence of these yachts and envisage where they could take you.

We wish you fair winds and good sailing in 2017/2018 and hope that you enjoy our Winter Collection!


The Berthon Book 2018 XIV

Packed to the gunwales with some fabulous articles from Berthon supporters.

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Berthon’s annual review of the sales market over the previous year and predictions of the important trends and changes in the year ahead.

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