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The Brokerage Team

Berthon UK Lymington Head Office

Sue Grant, Berthon Yacht Sales

Sue Grant

Managing Director

Alan McIlroy, Berthon Yacht Sales

Alan McIlroy

Senior Yacht Broker and Solaris New Yacht Sales

Sophie Kemp, Berthon Yacht Sales

Sophie Kemp

Sailing Yacht Broker

Ben Cooper, Berthon Yacht Sales

Ben Cooper

Performance Yacht Broker

Richard Baldwin, Berthon Yacht Sales

Richard Baldwin

Solaris Yacht Sales

Ben Toogood, Berthon Yacht Sales

Ben Toogood

Windy and Pearl New Yacht Sales

Hugh Rayner, Berthon Yacht Sales

Hugh Rayner

Windy and Motor Yacht Broker

Robert Steadman, Berthon Yacht Sales

Robert Steadman

Motor Yacht Broker and Iguana New Yacht Sales

Michael White, Berthon Yacht Sales

Michael White

Yacht Broker

Mandy Frend, Berthon Yacht Sales

Mandy Frend

PA to Managing Director

Lawrence Carter, Berthon Yacht Sales

Lawrence Carter

Listings Manager

Valerie Madec, Berthon Yacht Sales

Valerie Madec

Receptionist / Administrator

Adele Hamilton, Berthon Yacht Sales

Adele Hamilton

Receptionist / Administrator

Berthon South of France Office

Bruno Kairet, Berthon France

Bruno Kairet

Berthon France Manager; specialising in new Windy and Pearl Sales

Isabelle Skaf, Berthon France

Isabelle Skaf

Sales Support and Administration

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Berthon Spain Office

Andrew Fairbrass, Berthon Spain

Andrew Fairbrass

Managing Director

Richard Green, Berthon Spain

Richard Green

Electrical Expert and Engineer

Mark Williams, Berthon Spain

Mark Williams

Guardiennage Captain and Engineer

Rowan Fairbrass, Berthon Spain

Rowan Fairbrass

Accounts Director

Nick McMullen, Berthon Spain

Nick McMullen

Head of Engineering and Fabrication

Alice Dubini, Berthon Spain

Alice Dubini

Office Manager

Richard Potts, Berthon Spain

Richard Potts


Addy Daly, Berthon Spain

Addy Daly

Head of Guardiennage and Brokerage

Maria Pavlova, Berthon Spain

Maria Pavlova

Interior Yacht Valet

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Berthon USA Office

Alan Baines, Berthon USA

Alan Baines

Berthon USA

Jennifer Stewart, Berthon USA

Jennifer Stewart

Berthon USA

Bill Rudkin, Berthon USA

Bill Rudkin

Berthon USA

Mark von Drashek, Berthon USA

Mark von Drashek

Berthon USA

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Berthon Market Report

Berthon’s annual review of the sales market over the previous year and predictions of the important trends and changes in the year ahead.

Lymington Essential Guide

Make Berthon Lymington Marina your destination in 2019!

Yacht Sales

Berthon International is the Yacht Sales Division of the Berthon Group with offices in Lymington UK, France, Spain and the USA.