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FPB 97

Worldwide marketing agents, Berthon are delighted to be involved with the FPB 97.

Steve Dashew created the FPB 97, a larger addition to his popular FPB line of ocean cruising yachts. “People continue to ask for an economical series-built FPB scaled to the maximum size a couple can operate together,” Steve says. “The Wicked FPB 97 is designed from the keel up to fulfil that mission.”

The FPB 97’s unique capabilities-the strongest structure ever offered in a production yacht, fossil fuel independence at anchor, 5,000+ nm range at 11.7 knots, and only 5ft/1.5m draft-make the most distant cruising dreams possible. These, plus the demonstrated sea-kindliness of the FPB series, unique-to-the-FPB heavy weather capabilities including recovery from capsize, and robust systems engineered for minimum maintenance, give you the ultimate freedom to go where, when, and with whom you want, in maximum comfort and safety.

FPB 97 DeckFeatures include the Matrix Deck, an unparalleled seagoing union of flying bridge and penthouse; the Great Room with united living, working, and entertaining spaces; and the spacious accommodation deck with its luxurious 25ft/7.7m owner’s suite featuring full-beam walk-in closet, shower/tub/sauna, and lounging space. The way in which the FPB 97 combines these elements represents a revolution for what large yacht ownership means. True reliability, ease of operation, a minimal carbon footprint, and virtually unlimited options on where you can cruise are all part of this equation.

FPB 97 Exterior Images

FPB 97 Model Exterior

FPB 97 Underway Exterior

FPB 97 Interior Images

FPB 97 Pilothouse Interior

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