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Iguana Yachts

Iguana Yachts LogoIguana Yachts has been creating luxury amphibious boats for over a decade. Designed with a track system that can conquer virtually any terrain and seamlessly integrate into the hull while at sea –  the Iguana range is made of capable boat in both settings.

Founded in 2008 by French entrepreneur Antoine Brugidou, Iguana’s raison d’être is simple, to make boating effortless. The unique design of the amphibious tracks allows the Iguanas to smoothly climb a wide variety of terrains from soft sand and wet mud to uneven rocks and pebbled beaches.

Board your boat direct from your waterfront property day or night, even in waves up to 4 ft, store equipment securely on board, owners can enjoy the water within minutes and parking is easy and safe.

The rugged tenacity of caterpillar tracks combined with the finest materials make the Iguana range the perfect vessels for all situations. From a waterfront home, or yacht tender, to social day boat, the range offers it all.

Built as a boat first, the entire range can cut through the choppiest of waters, comfortably achieve speeds of more than 40 knots and the craftsmanship is visible in every element.

Iguana One Ashore

Iguana One

Launched in 2018, the limited edition Iguana One has the same class leading amphibious technology as the rest of the range but as a stripped back more functional boat. Owners can enjoy an uncompromised approach to boating at a lower price point of only €275,000*

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Iguana Classic Hull

Iguana Classic

The Classic is instantly recognizable with its center console and wrap around bench seating, while the highly advanced technology makes operation simple and performance agile and dynamic. Carbon fiber, marine grade aluminum and stainless steel ensure the boat is robust, while a simple hydraulic mobility system means easy maintenance.

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Iguana Exclusive Hull

Iguana Exclusive

The Original Iguana turns heads with its distinctive design. The most luxurious boat in the range the Iguana Exclusive has ample space for 12 guests and is available with both hydraulic and electric land drives. Impeccable tailoring and finishing make the Exclusive the perfect day cruiser or yacht tender for those who seek more in their life.

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Iguana Expedition Hull

Iguana Expedition

When action and adventure are high on the agenda, the robust and muscular Iguana Expedition is the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. Equipped to endure unforgiving conditions – from its wave piercing bow and deep-v hull to shock-absorbing seats – travel in safety and explore seamlessly, sacrificing none of the style Iguana is known for.

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Iguana Commuter

Iguana Commuter

The first of the Iguana range to include a sealed weatherproof helm and cosy cabin with integrated head. The key features of the Iguana Commuter instantly extend an owners time on the boat. Available with two deck configurations, the all comfort Limo fitted with 6 shock mitigating seats or the transformational lounge seating of the Sport.

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Iguana X100

Newly launched in Summer 2018 the Iguana X100 is the first RIB from the all terrain amphibious brand Iguana Yachts. Fitted with the tried and tested technology, the tracks can comfortably conquer virtually any terrain while the light and agile RIB hull complete with 380l fuel tank as standard deliver 150 miles and hours of fun on sea and land.

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