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Yacht Market Report

Berthon publishes an annual Market Report, reviewing yacht sales over the previous year and looking at what we believe will be the important trends and changes in the year ahead. Berthon are bluewater specialists and manage luxury sales through a network of international offices.

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Market Report 2018 (Opening Remarks)

What is hopefully evident in this year’s Market Report 2018 – whatever the ups and downs of political and economic cycle, the fact remains that there are very few things in life as worthwhile as getting out on and enjoying the water. We look forward to helping you make that a reality in the coming months.


From the Flight Decks

Homework for the Sales Team that greets them after the Christmas and New Year break – their mission – to evaluate the 2017 year within their speciality of cruising, racing, motor, performance or new yachts. Our offices in the South of France and Newport, Rhode Island also join in to give you the full picture from the team.


A word about GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation may not set the heart racing but this new regulation will affect us all whether we are selling, buying or simply going about our daily lives. It means that you need to help us to continue to keep you updated with all things yachting….


The Pacific and Southern Hemisphere as a cruising destination

The most magnificent, challenging and reward cruising grounds on Planet Earth. We discuss the way in which yachts are developing to enable yachtsmen to cruise these great waters and how strides forward in technology are making communications and the possibilities of sailing further possible. We also touch on the ice to which, the Pacific is of course, the gateway.


Technology in Design moving through the build process

International yacht designer Tony Castro talks about the development of virtual reality in yacht design to deliver better, and more efficient results. The use of Oculus technology assists in this process and the march of technology will see the use of simulation technology coming fast on its heels.


Residual Yacht value and the cost of having fun

Yacht ownership is often likened to standing under a shower tearing up £50 notes. We defend the cause of the yacht and her residual value and encourage yacht owners to think in terms of the value of yacht ownership and the fun to be had during ownership.


Talking points – cool to the point of freezing

We illustrate these pages with what was cool – in many cases to the point of freezing – in yachting, in 2017.


VAT and Brexit- What it might, might not and certainly won’t mean

The VAT treatment of yachts is an opaque subject riven with supposition and inconsistency throughout the EU. There are no hard and fast rights and wrongs. We theorise about some of the options and outcomes after Brexit when the UK exits the open market and the customs union.


The Magic of Film

Photography, video, film and the use of imagery for the presentation of the yachts that we offer for sale has developed hugely in the past years and is set to continue to do so. We are working hard to be at the forefront of this change and we introduce you to our in-house cameraman/film maker Harry who is making it happen at Berthon.


General overview of the international stock markets and economies

London Stock brokers Charles Stanley’s John Redwood writes for us. John is their Chief Global Strategist and his advice that there are things to be cheerful about in the world economy is all good news.


2018 Berthon Forecast

Another bash from Berthon at looking forward to what 2018 will mean for the international yacht market and those annual predictions just keep coming. Against the backdrop of enormous political change the Berthon crystal ball is revolving rapidly….

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