Patrol and Protection RIBs

Gemini Patrol and Protection RIBs

The Gemini client list speaks for itself!

For many years Gemini Ribs have been the rib of choice and in operation with the following prestigious organisations:

  • NSW Water Police
  • Royal New Zealand Navy
  • United Nations
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Olympic Security Services
  • African Union
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Special Emergency Services
  • UK Police Force
  • Singapore Special Force
  • Malaysia Air Force
  • Indonesia Special Forces

Their Geminis have all been equipped, adapted and modified to undertake a variety of roles including:

  • Insertion
  • Interdiction & Boarding
  • Patrolling
  • Search and Rescue
  • Policing and Law Enforcement
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Fisheries Protection
  • Dive Support
  • Bomb Disposal

Defence and Security – Key Technical Benefits

  • Quality
    Constructed from advanced composite materials; providing an exceptionally strong structure, and a damage and corrosion resistant craft.
  • Military Grade
    Heavy Duty Hypalon 1670 DTEX Sponsons with the Option for Double Skinning and extra armouring for additional strength and protection.
  • Interoperability
    Available with single or multipoint lifts designed for safe launch and recovery.
  • Proven
    A hull design for superior seakeeping, payload carrying and reduced hull slamming supported by advanced shock mitigation seating ensure personnel remain fully capable throughout their mission.
  • Reliable
    Twin outboard or inboards engine options deliver improved reliability, superior shallow water capability (o/b) and exceptional manoeuvrability and control at low and high speeds.
  • Mission Specific
    Flexible platform design which can be adapted to differing configurations, bespoke fit-out and equipment fit.
  • Compliance
    Built to an internationally recognised standard, and can be easily equipped and coded to meet local authority regulatory compliance.


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