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Dry Sailing

HTS_9565The Berthon dry sailing service suits all small keel boats with a displacement of no more than 3.5 tonnes (includes Folkboats), a central lifting point and their own road trailer with tow hitch.

Price: £3,200 per annum, plus VAT, plus Lymington Harbour Commission harbour dues payable in advance which includes:

  • Unlimited launches and recoveries
  • Free weekend berthing (on yard wall pontoon) when launched
  • Free ashore storage in the owner’s trailer
  • Free high-pressure fresh water hull wash and bung removal (if appropriate) at each lift
  • Convenient for racing
  • Sail repair facilities: Sanders Sails; North Sails pick up point
  • Full GRP repair facilities. GRP boat repair priority is given to race boats if work needs to be complete by the following weekend
  • We have in-house rigging experts
  • 5 minutes’ walk to Lymington town centre/train station (two hours from Waterloo)


Yachts will generally be launched for racing on either Thursdays or Fridays and recovered on Mondays when possible. Bank Holidays we launch Thursday and recover Tuesday as appropriate. Please do not leave instructions for the boat to be launched every weekend on the off chance of using it. Berthon will monitor the frequency of use upon launching; should any owner abuse this contract by consistently launching without intention to sail the boat, we reserve the right to make a charge of £100 for the launch and lift on the occasions when the boat has not been used.


  • No sub-contractors are permitted to work on the boat on the yard premises.
  • All cars are to be parked in the Lymington Marina car park. No cars are allowed elsewhere on boatyard premises.
  • Berthon Boat Company accepts no responsibility for poorly moored yachts if damage is caused.
  • Dry sailing represents a substantial discount on standard rates so it is regretted that no refunds are available, and it cannot be carried over to the following year.
  • All payments by Direct Debit.