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December 2019

This is the last Berthon news report for 2019 – what a year it has been! We appreciate all the support this monthly digital offering has garnered and hope you’ll all be back to enjoy our content in 2020.

Our Lymington HQ’s opening times are available here – Season’s greetings from all of us at Berthon, as well as being linked to in the articles below.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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November 2019

And so we arrive at the penultimate Berthon eNews of 2019. Thank you very much for your continued support this year. There is an abundance of content below for you to sink your teeth into, so happy reading. To our American clients – Happy Thanksgiving!

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October 2019

Unavoidably for Berthon, the subject on everyone’s lips this month is VAT, a No-Deal Brexit and what this might mean for the nautical fraternity.

You hopefully received an off-schedule circulation from us in October, as the RYA and British Marine having published guidance on the subject.

In case you missed it, herewith the first of two allusions – VAT, a No-Deal Brexit and the obvious question – the Berthon view; the second is amongst the articles listed below. Therefore, you are spoilt for choice! A thorough read is recommended.

All further enquiries to

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September 2019

We are happy to announce and welcome you to read cover to cover, this year’s Berthon Book XV, which is available here in soft copy.

Produced entirely in-house, as ever, we have some amazing articles solely from staff, friends and clients and the subject matter just keeps coming. We have also included the entire Berthon fleet, both pre-owned and new build, within its pages.

Hard copies should have been hitting doormats in the last few weeks, so if for some reason you are missing some of our staple coffee table fare, you can register/re-register your interest at the enquiry form supplied (at the link above).

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August 2019

You might be able to tell that boat show season is upon us with the many articles relating to who will be exhibiting at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival and Southampton Boat Show below. Please peruse at your leisure and watch this space for further announcements.

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July 2019

It is a busy time, with activity all round, as the sun (yes, it is actually still out, just about…) has us all dreaming of summer sailing adventures. We will not take up any more of your time. Read on!

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June 2019

Whether you find yourself in the UK enjoying the rather pleasant weather, or somewhere further afield, either of which upon your very own magic carpet. We hope you stay safe, hydrated and/or wrapped up tight – if ice and penguins are more your speed. Happy sailing.

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May 2019

As we roll on into June we hope all of our clients have a wonderful summer afloat and we are here should you need us. In the meantime, we’d like to remind you that VersadockBerthon Rib Solutions (with Gemini Marine) and Berthon Power(with Cox Powertrain) will be attending forthcoming Seawork 2019, 11th to 13th June, at Mayflower Park in Southampton (where the annual boat show is held). Berthon Rib Solutions (with Gemini Marine) will also be attending the Poole Boat Show on the 7th – 9th June on stands B5 & B7, where we will be showcasing the Gemini Waverider 780 & 880 X Series vacuum infused RIBs. The Windy 31 Zonda and Windy 27 Solano will also both be on display at the show, and we are pleased to offer final delivery on both models for the 2019 summer season. Follow links for relevant stand information. We hope to see you there.

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April 2019

In true ‘British’ tradition with April came showers, sunshine and the launch of the Berthon Market Report 2019 reviewing yacht sales over the previous year and looking at what we believe will be the important trends and changes in the year ahead. Our marketing ‘bods’ have been busy digitising the downloadable delectable PDF; happy reading.

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March 2019

With the 2019 season fast approaching there is no better time to get inspired by one of our refit, brokerage or general interest articles. As always, please do get in touch if there is anything we can do to ready your magic carpet for any pending nautical adventures.

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February 2019

With the release of this month’s eNews we are happy to report that we are that much closer to spring being sprung. Please do get in touch if there is anything we can do to help you ready your magic carpet of choice for their maiden voyage sailing season 2019.

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January 2019

Our Lymington HQ is a hive of activity since re-opening doors January 2nd. This month we have brought a brace of 4 shipyard projects currently underway, details of an upcoming Pearl Yachts event, as well as our standard brokerage fare. Not wanting to mix words, we’ll offer you a fond ‘Happy New Year’, if a little late, and move on to what is most important.

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December 2018

The last two months of the year always fly past with regards to the Berthon e-News. Not long after completing November’s issue and wondering where the year has gone, then we’re formulating Christmas messages and seasonal opening times (see SEASON’S GREETINGS FROM ALL OF US AT BERTHON). There is not much left to say, other than our standard ‘Fair Winds and Good Sailing’. We are ever thankful for your continued support, so please expect more of the same bright and early January 2019.

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November 2018

To our shock, next month’s Berthon E-News will include our brokerage’s annual Christmas card and to be brutally honest, we have no idea where 2018 has gone! We continue to be busy with yacht sales, our marina and shipyard. If you are curious about their opening times to be sure to keep an eye on the Berthon blog where they should be released in the coming weeks. As always, all updates are circulated via our social media accounts and with more posts than ever before, there is no better time to follow us on your platform of choice.

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October 2018

September seems like a distant memory, as we slide into November onto the upwards climb towards the festive season. We hope our local readers are feeling the benefit of the clocks falling backwards – even though evenings are starting to draw in and you have very much marked the end of what was hopefully a successful yachting season.

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September 2018

This month saw the release of the Berthon Book 2018 XIV(which incorporates Volume 14 of our annual Lifestyle Magazine, as well as featuring Berthon International’s brokerage fleet within its pages). There are some fabulous articles from Berthon supporters – ranging from the discussion of modern architecture, a new land speed record challenge, sculpture, eating and stacks more.

·Those who subscribed for a physical copy, as part of our GDPR circulation, will have already begun receiving their Berthon Books.
·Those who have subscribed since May 25th2018 will receive their books in the coming weeks.
·And for those who cannot (and should not) wait, you will find the digital edition here, as well as the facility to request a physical copy, if you have not already done so.

And now we return to our scheduled programming…

As is now seemingly the norm, it is incredible how quickly September has gone. With boat show here and boat show there, our International sales team (now spanning four countries) have welcomed any number of Berthon clients (new and old) on hulls from brands such as Advanced Yachts, Iguana Yachts, Pearl Yachts, Solaris Yachts, Windy, Moody and Rustler. With the processing of enquiries having already begun, we would like to take a moment to wish all of our new eNews readers a warm welcome.

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August 2018

From the warmth of a scorching summer – to a much more ‘comfortable’ encroaching September, we bring you this month’s eNews. Sporadic rain has now descended upon our Lymington HQ – and with that, everything is looking a touch less brown.

We have entered the season of Autumn boat shows, and with this in mind, not only are there a number of articles this month matching specific Berthon New Yacht Sales brands, to their corresponding show, we’ve also produced an overview article that is a MUST read.

Pick up your open invitation from Berthon here.

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July 2018

As is evident from the number of links below, even a record breaking heatwave cannot slow Berthon UK’s weekly blog production. With sheer numbers in mind, and with the hope that at least all of our local readers might need to get away to stay hydrated, please read on. Wishing you fair winds and good sailing now that we are knee deep in the summer season.

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June 2018

This month we recommend you allow an extra few minutes to parooze our articles – as 5 of the 7 links below contain video.

If you have not been too spoiled for choice, might we also suggest you visit 1942 MGB 81 – 71.5ft Motor Gunboat – PNBPT where all previous video features of this epic project have now been collated, and are proving extremely popular.

Happy reading/viewing.

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April – May 2018

This month we make our triumphant return with this bumper post-GDPR edition of the Berthon eNews.

GDPR brought with it a number of trials – chiefly, in our case, consolidation of all the lovely consents we’ve received in the last two months. With this in mind, we apologise sincerely if you’ve received this eNews in error and suggest you hit that unsubscribe button if this is the case. Contact if you have any problems.

Fair winds and good sailing.

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March 2018

Regardless of a beating by the ‘Beast from the East’, her lesser cousin, and the build up to the Easter weekend – Berthon HQ is still here – bringing you all the news for the month of March.

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February 2018

With month 2 of 2018 under our belts, we cannot believe how fast this year is going. In terms of the ‘Berthon News’, it has been a banner month for new content, and with this sheer number of articles – we hope that something catches your eye.

Happy reading.

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January 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018. We hope that you all had a splendid celebration, and are now looking forward to some rest, relaxation AND news from the Berthon Group.

It’s not common that we ask you to pay close attention to a particular article, as each have their own merits, but this month, we’ve confirmed our commitment to being GDPR ready by May 25th 2018 . Please give the article below a read, as it’s very likely to be the first of many times we’ll attempt to contact you regarding the subject.

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December 2017

And so comes the last of our Berthon blog/eNews announcements for 2017. We’d like to thank all of our dedicated readers. It’s our pleasure to produce this content for you on a monthly basis. Please do expect more of the same, bright and early, January 2018!

In the meantime… We wish you fair winds and good sailing this holiday season.

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November 2017

This month we think the sheer number of articles speaks for how busy we are, across all facets of the Berthon Group – Yacht SalesShipyard and Marina. Not ones to mix words, we suggest you read on. We won’t take up any more of your time… Enjoy!

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October 2017

With a shed load of movement at our Berthon HQ – in the brokerage, our big blue sheds, and afloat on the marina, this month (as of the 29th specifically) we’re enjoying the extra hour in bed!
As the cold is setting in, we’d like to draw your attention again to our Berthon Weather Station, mounted atop the Berthon offices in Lymington marina, and whose data can be found here.

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September 2017

We’re writing to you this month with a ‘Boat Show’ edition of our monthly eNews. The season is well underway – with the Cannes, Southampton AND Newport Boat show under our belts, and Dusseldorf soon to follow. We’d like to draw your attention to our Collection catalogue (also announced below) that this year carries the entirety of our international brokerage fleet; all of whom are available to see, touch, and write a cheque for 24/7. The event has a new format this year, running until the 31st of December 2017.

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August 2017

It’s been another busy month at our Berthon, Lymington HQ – with the  Autumn (and accompanying boat shows) on the horizon. Movement in all facets of our business is brisk – with works happening in the yard throughout the summer (100% up on two years ago) and M shed already full for autumn work), a sold out marina this August bank holiday weekend after a very high summer demand and, to cap it all, a record yacht brokerage and new boat sales across all 3 of our offices this year.

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July 2017

The summer is certainly whistling by, and if you believe the literature, we seem to be on track for a glorious August; ‘mega-heatwaves’? We’ll believe it when we see it!
The Round the Island Race has now been and gone – and if you’ve happened to find yourself living out on the water, some mid-season polish might be in order.

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June 2017

Not one to skimp on what’s becoming a time-honoured tradition, we can’t help but start this month’s eNews with a report on the weather.
In a short space of time, at our Lymington HQ, we’ve gone from seemingly record achieving heat wave to torrential downpours – oh what it is to be British, but great for our gardens!

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May 2017

In what seems to have become a consistent trend in our correspondence over the last few months, we’re happy to report the sun, this month, has most definitely had his hat on – leaving us all reaching for the factor 50 and wondering how long it’ll last!

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April 2017

With the Easter holidays under our belts, and a yachting season now very much underway, we’ve welcomed the wall to wall sunshine this April at our Berthon Lymington HQ, which has quickly become a hive of activity with sold boats readying to leave with boatyard work and victualling preparations afoot for long (and short) distance voyages planned.

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March 2017

The clocks have sprung forward, spring is most definitely in the air, and the season is edging ever closer – and we’re sure, like us, you can’t wait! We’ve had a busy month and our eNews is packed to the gunwales with yacht sales-related fare, which we hope will be enticing to prospective sailors and intrepid adventurers alike.

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February 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are into month 3 of 2017 so quickly. Now in the wake of Storm Doris, we wish you the best on your sailing adventures, and of course, offer our skills in all things yacht service, repair or refit related. With the new season well on its way, there is no better time than to offer your pride and joy some much needed TLC!

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January 2017

Berthon would like to wish all our clients a very Happy, if a little belated, New Year! Judging by the first few weeks’ enquiries and sales we have high hopes for 2017. Our Lymington HQ is currently at the mercy of weather entirely customary for January in the British Isles(!), but we’re champing at the bit for a new season on the water just over the horizon – and we’re sure, like us, you can’t wait.

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