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Refurbishment of a Fisheries Patrol Vessel

October 16, 2019

Berthon has refurbished a Fisheries Patrol Vessel from the world’s remotest inhabited island, Tristan da Cunha, for the UK government’s Blue Belt Programme.


Download the full case here.

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, lying approximately 1,511 miles from South Africa and 2,166 miles from the Falkland Islands. Berthon has a history with the volcanic island of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic that goes back to 1961 when the eruption of Queen Mary’s Peak forced the evacuation of the entire population of 264 people. They were re-homed near Lymington at former Calshot RAF Station, and many worked at the Berthon shipyard during their time in England. The islanders returned home in 1963 and built a new harbour, which they called Calshot after their temporary Hampshire home. To this day, fishing remains the island’s main trade along with the sale of postage stamps to collectors.



Blue Belt Programme

The Wave Dancer refurbishment project is funded by the UK government through the Blue Belt Programme. The key objective of the Blue Belt is to enhance marine protection for the UK Overseas Territories. The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) is a Blue Belt Delivery Partner, along with the MMO. CEFAS is the government’s marine and freshwater science experts. They keep our seas, oceans and rivers healthy and productive, and our seafood safe and sustainable by providing data and advice to the UK government and our overseas partners.


Wave Dancer – Pacific 38

Wave Dancer is a 1996 Pacific 38 cabin RIB and is owned and operated by the Tristan da Cunha government. With a range of 200 miles, she is used for safety support for inshore fishing vessels, ship to shore operations, including personnel transfers from visiting ships, fishing and customs inspections, inshore science surveys, and inter-island trips to conduct patrols and support scientific research. During poor weather conditions and for operations further offshore, she acts as the search and rescue craft, being the only capable vessel.


The Refit

  • Supply & fit twin Cummins QSB6.7 355hp at 2800rpm engines
  • Supply & fit twin Konrad Marine Stern Drives
  • Clean fuel tanks
  • Fit 30-minute fire-rated insulation in the engine room
  • Supply & fit 4 x Rolls AGM batteries
  • Make and fit new battery boxes
  • Make and fit new battery cables
  • Supply & fit watertight glands to comply with MCA regulations
  • Hull repairs
  • Polish Gelcoat
  • Supply & fit three new stainless steel LED floodlights
  • Supply & fit V-Tronics 2.4 metre fibreglass aerials
  • Supply & fit 2.6 metre HF antenna, modified to be lowered
  • Supply & fit VIC-M802 marine SSB HF radio
  • Supply & fit IC-M73 EURO VHF handheld radios and chargers
  • Supply & fit hand-held Iridium 9555 satellite phone
  • New varnish
  • Teamac non-slip deck paint
  • Supply & fit 50kg SWL single-armed davit
  • Supply & fit geared winch for manual operation with wire and a safety hook weighted to 50kg.
  • Supply & fit ten-man SOLAS B life-raft with hydrostatic release and custom cradle
  • Supply & fit 4m inflatable boat

Lifesaving equipment:

  • EPIRP with hydrostatic release
  • Two solar lifebuoy lights
  • SOLAS lifejackets
  • Buoyant lifeline
  • SOLAS approved parachute flares
  • SOLAS handheld flares.
  • SOLAS approved smoke floats
  • TPA (thermal protective aids)
  • Offshore first aid kit.
  • Firefighter equipment with 18m of hose
  • Water pumps
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm protection and detection systems


Spares, Training and Acceptance

  • Sea trials programme included inclining experiments which comply with MCA category 1 requirements.
  • Because Tristan da Cunha is so remote, Berthon has provided an extensive list of spares and repair kits.
  • Berthon also provided crew training for visiting staff from Tristan da Cunha. This includes technical training for Cummins engine maintenance, Konrad drive training, and training on all electronic equipment, Gelcoat & laminate repairs, and inflatable tube repairs.
  • Acceptance trials with CEFAS, then shipping back to Tristan da Cunha.

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