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World Class Painting

April 7, 2020

Berthon Boat Company, World Class Painting - Cockwells 33 IMPULSIVE

Cockwells 33, Impulsive

Berthon Boat Company, World Class Painting - MADELAINE, FGBR 707 Nordic folkboat

FGBR 707 Nordic folkboat, Madelaine

It’s the weekend every boat owner knows all too well: you buy the correct antifoul, arrange a lift, haul the boat, develop significant muscles sanding back last year’s application, spend all weekend painting, it never seems to come out quite as you hoped, some antifoul ends up above the waterline, and soon enough it seems to be time to do it all over again another year later.  Frustrating, and a weekend that could be better spent on the water.

That’s where Berthon step in.

With state of the art preparation, painting and drying/curing facilities on site – complete with full temperature and humidity control in a world-class glossing booth, and of course our skilled team of painters, sprayers and polishers – we can offer one of the most sophisticated and varied boat painting services on the South Coast.
Our high-tech facilities give our staff the means to use the most modern equipment and innovative techniques to customise the treatment of each individual boat.
Whether you need a simple lift, scrub and antifoul; or are perhaps are looking for a whole hull colour change and respray, using Berthon’s exceptional facilities and working with our in-house specialist, Tim Hare, guarantees stress-free paint care.

Our paint shed is fully washed down every six months, to ensure minimum dust particles and guarantee the light quality remains perfectly clear.  The painting booth is generously lit from floor to ceiling, rather than traditional overhead lighting or daylight, which throws no shadows and allows our experienced staff to spot any imperfections and subsequently adjust or repeat a process to achieve a flawless result.  Removing shadows ensures a consistent (and beautiful) paint application from the bottom of the keel to the horizontal surfaces on decks, super structures and the toe rail.

Perhaps you have a leisure sailing boat and would like to maximise intervals between lift and scrubs; or maybe a racing yacht needing an under-hull that can be repeatedly buffed to a high-gloss, no-resistance finish?  We can also tend to commercial craft needing to meet specific environmental or industry standards.

1984 78ft Gilles Vaton, ARRAYAN II

1984 78ft Gilles Vaton, Arrayan II

Once a finish or paint application for your yacht has been decided, our team will skilfully complete the job, importantly ensuring you the maximum time to enjoy your boat. Whilst the final coats are vital, 90% of the work is down to preparation of the sub surfaces.

Of course, painting a yacht is not just about maintenance.  Your yacht is an expression of enjoyment and much like choosing a car, the colour is important.  We would be pleased to discuss the option of changing your hull colour should you wish to do so and Tim will be able to advise accordingly.

Most recently in the paint shed we have seen the Kerr 33 ‘Acheron,’ sold by Berthon International.  She has been finished in an exceptionally high gloss, suitable for a racing career in Japan and worldwide, and her owner is thrilled with the finish we have been able to provide.

In complete contrast, we are delighted to welcome the return of ‘Winsome,’ a Sparkman and Stephens design built by Berthon in 1971.  She is currently having her topsides and deck painted and we look forward to sharing photographs of this with you once the lock down is over and the job can be finished.

Contact Tim Hare for all paint-related enquiries:

Tel: +44(0)1590 673312

Berthon Boat Company, World Class Painting - Kerr 33 Acheron

Kerr 33, Acheron




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