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Southerly 44, KIND OF BLUE keel inspection and respray

February 26, 2019

Kind of Blue receives full checks, keel inspection & respray before heading out for her future adventures

We recently lifted this Southerly 44, KIND OF BLUE into our sheds. Owned from new, the family has always wanted to sail further afield in their ageing lovely lady. With Berthon’s vast experience in all matters blue water cruising, we set out with full checks and an inspection of fundamental issues focussing primarily on safety matters such as the keel and keel plate which were removed for inspection; furthermore, new rigging, servicing the engine and gen set, a new electronics package, along with other minor repairs have been ordered to complement the cosmetic work, prior to which gel repairs occurred where necessary. A coat of sprayed on copper coat, which does not remove the need to lift and inspect the hull and seacocks annually, albeit removes the annual chore of antifouling. With a few teak deck repairs, new canvas covers, sails, and new interior upholstery for modern-day fire resistance & comfort. Basically a full service before heading out for her future adventures.

We will complete a case study in due course.

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