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Wooden Bermudian sloop restored by Berthon

July 24, 2019

Damaged hull planking

10 metre wooden Bermudian sloop, Brynhilde has been refitted in our Big Blue Sheds

BRYNHILDE, a 10 metre 1958 wooden Bermudian sloop designed by Fred Parker, arrived as a new annual berth holder from the Mediterranean last year. She has been in her current family’s ownership for the past 40 years and taking part in the Panerai sponsored regattas in the south of France for a decade or so.

Following a survey it was found that a number of hull frames had cracked and the forestay fitting and shroud plates had suffered corrosion. After removal of the underwater paint coatings to allow a thorough inspection of the hull planking and interior bilge area, it was decided to install doublers alongside the cracked frames to reinforce the hull structure.  Each frame was templated, a mould prepared, and a replacement laminated oak frame doubler produced. The frame doublers will be fastened to the hull planking in the traditional manner with copper boat nails and roves.

New hull timbers

A new stem head fitting has been fabricated to match the style and pattern of the original, but also to incorporate an anchor stowage.  This, along with a new backstay fitting and shroud plates, will ensure that the new standing rigging, manufactured from traditional 7×19 stainless steel wire with Sta-Lok end fittings and Sta-Lok chrome bronze rigging screws, will be fully secured to the deck.

Original rotted stem head fitting

New stem head fitting was fabricated

Traditional 7×19 wire is used in lieu of modern low stretch rigging wire which can cause major problems on a traditional wooden vessel, as the rigging wire does not allow enough “give” during a gust, placing the hull structure under disproportionate loads.

As well as the repairs to the hull structure and new rigging, a modern Raymarine electronic navigation suite is being installed.

New rigging

BRYNHILDE is due to spend the summer on the South Coast, before heading back to the Mediterranean for a regatta in Monaco.

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