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Docking Solutions


Modular Floating Docks & Pontoons

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Versadock is a global supplier of modular docking solutions with over 16 years experience of producing innovative, reliable, high-quality products. Now part of the Berthon group we are proud to combine the Versadock innovation with such an established market leading company.

Versadock has built an enviable reputation and become the benchmark for modular pontoons and docks in the leisure, commercial and defence sectors.

  • Our durable high-quality HDPE floats have been built and tested to surpass the highest standards of the commercial and defence sectors.
  • The patented V-float drive on dock system sets the standard for small craft storage.
  • The drive on dock system is capable of supporting 3.5 ton craft.
  • The Performance air assisted drive on dock system is capable of supporting craft up to 26 tons.
  • TheDrySail™ V2 dock is a real innovation offering a serious alternative for the modern range of lift keel sport boats.
  • All components are NATO coded and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

Our in-house design and engineering team ensure the perfect solution every time. Our attention to detail, quality manufacture and durable products have made us market leaders.

The new facility at Berthon Boat Company has a greater stock holding capacity combined with a custom-built dock construction area reducing lead times and enabling us to offer a greater service to our customers.

Pontoons & Jetties

Versadock have fitted over a thousand pontoons and jetties worldwide. They have been tested in a range of climates and conditions from the severe cold of the Antarctic to the hurricanes of Florida and the intense heat of the Middle East. The Versadock system is modular and can form any shape. Our stiffening system makes our docks the most reliable and stable on the market. The wide range of accessories makes this the most versatile dock on the market. 

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Drive on Dock – Static

The VersaDock Static Drive on Dock is the only dock of its kind guaranteed to float all vessels up to three tonnes free of the water. Simply drive your motorboat straight out of the water quickly and effortlessly up onto the stable dry platform guided by the VersaDock patented V-float cradle.

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Drive on Dock – Jet ski

The VersaDock Drive on Dock for Jetskis will float your jet ski out of the water.  Drive it straight out of the water in seconds onto the stable dry platform of VersaDock’s advanced modular system, guided by the VersaDock patented V-float cradle.

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The inherent buoyancy, stability and versatility of the modular system makes it perfect as a working platform. From polishing to painting, buffing to bin storage our rafts set the standard. 

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Working Platforms

The versatile modular system makes it perfect for awkward site access and commercial working applications. The durable highly buoyant floats are capable of supporting a range of commercial activities from scaffolding to heavy equipment. 

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Performance Series

VPS – Versadock Performance – Air Assisted System.

This military grade air assisted drive on docking system is specifically designed as a custom robust drive on platform for the armed forces to accommodate large ribs and high-speed motor launches. With the capacity to support craft up to 26 tons in weight it offers effortless access to the water and dry docking combined with unrestricted access for maintenance of the boat’s appendages and hardware.

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DrySail™ – V2 Series

This latest development of the successful Versadock DrySail™ has been designed and engineered specifically to meet the demands of the modern day lifting keel sportsboats.

Significantly lighter, easier to assemble and with enhanced design aesthetics this dock sets the standard for sportsboat docks.

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