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September 16, 2020

Gemini Marine

Gemini MarineRIB and SIB (Soft Inflatable Boat) sponsons need to be fashioned from highly durable materials.  Subject to significant amounts of pressure and often taking heavy impact, this integral part of the boat must be hard-wearing and puncture-resistant.

Whether the intended purpose of the vessel is an adventure, leisure or patrol and protection, using robust materials will determine how well the boat is able to fulfil its job – and the longevity of the product before refurbishment is required. Gemini decided to use ORCA Hypalon when fitting out the range of boats built in Great Britain by Berthon.  ORCA Hypalon is produced by Pennel & Flipo, world leaders in the development of high-performance textiles.

Gemini Marine
Gemini Marine

The decision to use this specific fabric allows us to confidently meet the expectations of our wide-ranging clients – but particularly those from the Commercial, Military and Law Enforcement markets where long life and resiliency is imperative.  Our customers demand a hard-wearing product: Hypalon fits the bill.

The Hypalon we use is exceptionally resistant to abrasion, impact abuse and hydrocarbon or chemical damage; it is also unaffected by extreme temperatures or ultraviolet light.  These characteristics, along with its resistance to a long list of damaging substances, make it the textile of choice for Gemini.

Gemini Marine
Gemini Marine

Perhaps one of the most practical features of Hypalon however is that should unexpected damage occur, repairs are straightforward and can be conducted without the need for a workshop.  This is particularly beneficial for our clients that require their boats to go out on long patrol cycles or for a quick boatyard turnaround.

When we design a boat, we want to guarantee it is exactly the product our client needs.  Every Gemini boat developed for our UK and Ireland clients is bespoke and is meticulously fitted out at our Berthon premises by our skilled engineering and boat building staff.  With years of combined experience and led by a team of experts, the resulting Gemini boats are high quality and guaranteed to last.  Berthon also offers an unparalleled aftersales and warranty package.

Gemini Marine

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