Boat Cleaning – Lift & Scrub

What are the Benefits?

  • A clean hull and prop will improve performance through the water.
  • Improved fuel economy.
  • Less crustacean growth around instruments and sensors will create more accurate gauges.
  • Improved engine cooling system efficiency due to less fouling around water intakes.
  • Lifting your boat affords us/you (if present) the opportunity to verify anodes, protrusions and damage.

“Many thanks for fitting us in. The mid-season pressure wash has really made a difference to the boat’s performance. In fact, what we’ll save in fuel far outweighs the cost of the lift-n-scrub.

Jim Coulam, Owner of ‘Miss Naughty’

Visual checklist on lift out

When your yacht is lifted at Berthon Lymington Marina, we can check and report back to you on the following if required:


  • The general condition

Hull – below waterline

  • For any signs of osmosis or any other damage


  • The external condition in general

Trim tabs

  • The overall condition and the condition of rams


  • For movement in the bearing, check the blade to stock condition
  • For any noticeable damage to the main foil/trailing edge and leading edge


  • The general condition of fixed/feathering/folding blades, check retaining pins, check for any discoloration/pitting

Saildrive unit

  • The overall condition and the raw water intake


  • For movement

P bracket

  • The overall condition and for any signs of movement


  • The overall condition and check the rope cutter(s)

Log impeller

  • For any damage and remove any external fouling

Depth transducer

  • For any damage

Through hull fittings

  • The external condition of skin fittings
  • The external condition of the raw water intake


  • The general condition including keel to hull joint and bulb
  • Damage on trailing and leading edge of foil


  • The external condition of blades and tunnels for bow and stern thruster systems


Visually check the condition of all external anodes including:-

  • Hull
  • Stern thruster
  • Outdrives / jetdrives
  • Trim tabs
  • Prop(s)
  • Shaft(s)
  • Sail drive unit
  • Bow thruster

Exclusion clause: this is an advisory notice only, no paint coatings have been removed and no responsibility will be accepted for any negligence of checks or report nor for any errors, omissions, or latent defects of any kind not mentioned. This is a courtesy visual check only and is not intended to be a substitute for your usual inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to move the boat myself?

Not if berthed at Berthon in Lymington. However, Berthon’s qualified skippers can deliver boats from/to other marinas for an agreed cost.

Why now?

As well as removing any fouling, it offers the chance to inspect the hull below the waterline before that summer cruise or a trip to the Mediterranean to avoid the winter, including checking the: keel attachment, propeller, p brackets, anodes, rudder and bow thruster. It also provides the ideal opportunity to touch up any patches in the antifouling. Peace of mind is the outcome, as well as the performance improvement you’ll get from cleaning.

How long does it take?

An hour or two for larger yachts is all it takes for a simple lift, scrub off and launch.

Will a smoother bottom improve performance?

Yes. You will reach your destination faster and more efficiently, whether to a windward buoy or a prime anchorage. A clean hull will also benefit your vessel under power saving fuel and, potentially, improve manoeuvrability.

The graphic above shows the increase in fuel needed to power a boat, versus the roughness of the hull.

The graphic above shows loss of speed, versus the hull roughness.

These graphics show that having a clean hull will have a great effect on your speed and fuel consumption when motoring.


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