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Sailing Yacht Antifoul by Berthon

A new coat of Antifoul is a must for each and every yacht at the start of the season, ensuring that your yachts bottom stays foul free for as long as possible. At Berthon we apply enough antifoul each year to cover over 40 tennis courts; so we know a thing or two about the best ways to prepare the hull and how to apply the correct product to match the yachts use.

Antifoul should always be matched to the type of sailing that you will be doing, our project managers will always enquire about what type of sailing and more importantly where you will be doing it. As a product we would recommend for use in the Solent might not be suitable for use in the Med or further afield.

Motor Yacht Antifoul application at Berthon

To book your yacht in for a new coat of antifoul or to speak to us about antifoul options and preparation, please contact Boatyard Service on 01590 679222 or e-mail

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