Layup & Commissioning

Our Winter Lay-Up and Spring Yacht Commissioning programs to ensure that your yacht is kept in safe ‘hibernation’ over the Winter months, and made ready in Spring for you to enjoy another season aboard.

Fill in this online form or download our Yacht Lay-up and commissioning form.


Winter Layup

The Winter layup process at Berthon is one of the many things that we are proud of and we have many clients that return each year, coming from far afield just to winter ashore with us.

The winter layup process starts way before a yacht is taken ashore, our dedicated project managers will take into account where and how you have been using your yacht during the season, look into where your yacht is for service cycles for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Spring Commissioning

In Spring the attention turns to returning these yachts to the water ready for the sailing season ahead, commissioning all the services onboard these yachts, ensuring that engines have been de-winterised, plumbing systems connected, electrical systems will be woken from their winter slumber and batteries tested. Hulls will have a new coat of antifoul, with props and shafts clean or burnished, sail drives readied, trim tabs serviced, plus lots more.

If you would like to discuss winter layup or spring commissioning with us, one of our project managers would be happy to run through your requirements with you.


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