Shannon Class Lifeboats

The 13.6m (44 ft 7 in) Shannon is the latest class to join the RNLI’s All-weather lifeboat fleet and is the first to be propelled by waterjets making it a very agile and manoeuvrable craft that has excellent shallow draft capabilities.

As a testament to Berthon’s build quality, the prototype vessel (RNLI 13-01 Jock and Annie Slater) was accepted into the relief fleet with only minor design changes. The build process, designed by Berthon, has allowed us to build up to 6 vessels a year using the latest lean management manufacturing techniques. This has been so successful it has been adopted by the RNLI to continue building the Shannon Class at the All-Weather Lifeboat Centre in Poole.

Charles Hunter-Pease, Chairman of the RNLI, talks here in a video about the Shannon build stating that “Every single person in Berthon gets involved and discharges their responsibility to ensure that we receive a world-class product. It’s proof because the crews are very proud of the boats that they get and, so far, in the last 30 years, Berthon lifeboats have saved 584 lives. They’ve also brought ashore something like 20 times that number; so Berthon boats have saved the equivalent of the population of Lymington.”

A demonstration of the exceptional manoeuvrability of waterjet-driven yachts.

An RNLI Shannon Class Lifeboat fitted with Hamilton HJ364 Waterjets combined with the power of 2 Scania Di13 12.7 litre engines with over 650 horsepower. This demonstration shows the slow speed agility as well as the controlled turn of pace given by the waterjet propulsion system.

Jock and Annie Slater - RNLI 13-01 - Shannon Class Lifeboat

RNLI 13-01 ‘Jock and Annie Slater’
  • Accepted into the RNLI relief fleet in July 2013

The Morrell - RNLI 13-02 - Shannon Class Lifeboat - Dungeness

RNLI 13-02 ‘The Morrell’
  • Accepted into the fleet 17/12/13
  • Dungeness Lifeboat Station

R & J Welburn - RNLI 13-03 - Shannon Class Lifeboat

RNLI 13-03 ‘R and J Welburn’
  • Accepted into the fleet 14/02/14
  • Exmouth lifeboat station

Storm Rider - RNLI 13-04

RNLI 13-04 ‘Storm Rider’
  • Accepted into the RNLI relief fleet 09/15/15

Patsy Knight - RNLI 13-05 - Lowestoft RNLI Lifeboat

RNLI 13-05 ‘Patsy Knight’
  • Accepted into the fleet 24/07/14
  • Lowestoft lifeboat station

Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood - RNLI 13-06 Hoylake Lifeboat

RNLI 13-06 ‘Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood’
  • Accepted into the fleet 01/10/14
  • Hoylake lifeboat station

REG - RNLI 13-07 - Shannon Class Lifeboat Relief Fleet

RNLI 13-07 ‘Reg’
  • Accepted into the RNLI relief fleet 15/12/14

Derek Bullivant - RNLI 13-08 - Lough Swilly Lifeboat Shannon Class

RNLI 13-08 ‘Derek Bullivant’
  • Accepted into the fleet 27/02/15
  • Lough Swilly lifeboat station

The Barry & Peggy High Foundation - RNLI 13-09 - Ilfracombe Lifeboat

RNLI 13-09 ‘The Barry and Peggy High Foundation’

Ian Grant Smith - RNLI 13-10 - Montrose Lifeboat

RNLI 13-10 ‘Ian Grant Smith’
  • Accepted into the fleet 31/07/15
  • Montrose lifeboat station
  • Berthon exhibits Shannon Lifeboat at SEAWORK 2015

Norah Stachura - RNLI 13-11 - Shannon Class LIfeboat St Ives

RNLI 13-11 ‘Norah Stachura’
  • Accepted into the fleet 09/10/15
  • St Ives lifeboat station

RNLI 13-13 George & Thomas Lacy width=

RNLI 13-13 ‘George and Thomas Lacy’
  • Accepted into the fleet 17/12/15
  • Swanage lifeboat station