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Yacht Refits

Digital switching at Berthon

September 16, 2020

Digital switching at Berthon NAVIOP Brochure Advanced electronics are a fundamental feature of modern boats.  They are responsible for everything from air conditioning, to monitoring battery condition, to engine ignition.  The introduction of NMEA 2000 was a huge step forward in encouraging consistency within the industry and a stress-free way…

The Tyne and Wear Fire Boat in Berthon’s Big Blue Sheds

September 14, 2020

Berthon were pleased to welcome the Tyne and Wear Fire Boat to our Marine Services Big Blue Sheds this summer for a comprehensive life extension refit, prolonging the service of the boat. Starting life as a VT Halmatic MkIII Rigid Raider, the Fire Boat completed a remarkable 15 years in…

West Solent One Design Suvretta Relaunched at Berthon

August 19, 2020

West Solent One Design, Suvretta relaunched at Berthon There is nothing that plays on the heartstrings of a sailor quite as perfectly as a classic yacht restored. The West Solent One Design (WSOD) is an elegant boat with serious credentials.  Sometimes referred to as the J109 of their time and…

Yes! in Berthon’s world-class painting and spraying facilities

July 20, 2020

Berthon were pleased to welcome the prominent racing yacht JPK 1080 ‘Yes!’ to our world-class painting and spraying facilities this month. Adam Gosling – owner of Yes! – purchased the recognisable yacht in 2016.  He made adjustments to the 1080 mould specifically for inshore racing – her mast was changed…

Berthon takes on 13 new apprentices for 2019/20

November 24, 2019

13 Apprentices begin their training at Berthon to become part of the highly trained workforce. September saw five Berthon apprentices graduate from their training during Southampton Boat Show which was hosted by British Marine. They have all been offered full-time positions with Berthon and we are pleased that they have all…

BRYNHILDE is back at Berthon 

November 21, 2019

Brynhilde, the 10m 1958 wooden Bermudian sloop Fred Parker design is back at Berthon, this time for a major replacement of her teak deck. Brynhilde arrived at Lymington Marina last autumn as a new annual berth holder, fresh from the Mediterranean, and to undergo a minor refit in our Big…